Tips to avoid losing sales momentum Real Estate Agent Insights

Tips to avoid losing sales momentum! Real Estate Agent Insights.

Today I want to talk about fourth-quarter pitfalls, right? Oh my gosh, it's the fourth quarter. And I've all essentially, technically, if you're watching this, I filmed it in October. It's almost November when you're probably seeing this. But here's the deal. There are some things that agents are doing in their life right now that I can tell you are really going to impact their quarter one of next year. So I'm going to come at you with just a couple things that are going to help you have a better fourth quarter and an even greater quarter one. 

The first thing that I see going on right now is a super lackadaisical schedule, right? It is so easy to get lulled into the holidays. And let's face it, there's a lot of fun things going on in November and December. But to take a quote from my friend treasure Davis, Thanksgiving is one day, not a week, people do not have a lackadaisical schedule, an actionable item I would have you take from this video is right now open your calendar to November in December and decide the days that you're going to work and the days that you're going to take off, right, I'm all about being intentional being with your family, and you know, being there with them. And then I want you to work your face off because everything you do right now, sets your quarter one up. 

So the second thing that I see a lot of agents doing is they're just super distracted. They see other agents, you know, kind of being like lazy, if you will. And they think oh, I can be lazy too, right? And they're just not focused on their goals. They're not focused on what they should be looking at. 

And that brings me to the third point is, you might have some slow time in the next two months. So have your hit list ready? What should you be working on? If you're not out showing homes or going on listing appointments? Then what should you be doing? One, organize your database? Call your past clients to connect with people who already know, like, and trust you? Batch shoot content? Yeah, you heard me create some content, do some videos, even better, do some CMAs have a hit list of things that you could be doing? Does your listing presentation need to be updated? Does your buyer's presentation need to be updated? Know what you're going to do in November and December so that when you get back to the appointments and people are ready to have you in their home, you've already got all of your marketing material locked and loaded and ready to go. 

Lastly, I would say you definitely want to take some time right now to have clarity on your business plan for next year. Once you get the numbers in line right units volume GCI then you need to start on the marketing plan. start designing the marketing pieces and backward math your way to your goals. So please, please please avoid fourth quarter pitfalls. Do not be lackadaisical with your schedule. Do not get distracted. Have your hitless ready and have clarity on your goals.


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